Welcome to Tech Data Direct

Your project and business technical information success relies on you finding the right partner, be it software or service provider, for your specific and unique project or organisational information needs. At Tech Data World we have been supporting our clients find the perfect match for their technical information needs, from identifying a complete software infrastructure through to implementing processes and policies around technical information. The real problem comes when you ask any one supplier which tools or services that they believe to be the best, you will always receive the same answer, it will be theirs, but often there are other options available that would be better suited to you and your specific information goals, infrastructures and budgets . This is one of the major reasons we started Tech Data World, to help remove the confusion around the questions or what is possible and match the right solution to the problem at hand.

For me, the essence of TDW’s success is that we are truly 100% independent of software solution, vendor or supplier, and we are agnostic around the use of standards and specifications – we have zero inherent interest in supporting one over another, just what is right for a clients project

We help you by arming you with the right questions, seeing through the sales noise and focusing on where a solution or service provider can deliver real, meaningful benefit to your needs. At Tech Data World we are supported and trusted by the leading service and software solution providers in the aerospace, defence and space domain. We work with those serious about supporting your projects and business achieve technical information success.