All new TDW App – v1.0

All new TDW App – v1.0

The All New TDW App

We are super excited to announce we will be launching the brand new TDW App just in time for the TDW-Live event in November. The app will be available via the Google Play and Apple Stores.

This first version of the app is targeted at the TDW-Live conference and the first round of features are designed to maximise delegate participation as well as giving greater exposure to our event sponsors this year.

Features that are in v1.0

  • Access to all TDW content (blogs, video, articles, podcasts) – all in one place for our users
  • TDW-Live – Agenda, Sponsor Profile & Contact Details, Search All TDW archives, QR Code Scanner, Contact and Support
  • Live video option – TDW will be able to privately live broadcast at any time to our app notifying our users to join in any live stream sessions

Future Features

We are already working on version 2.0 of the app and plan:

  • Members Directory – bringing members directly to the mobile devices of our users, making it easier for users to find the right tools for their organisation
  • News announcements and notifications
  • Member opportunity notifications
  • Job opportunities

So what?

TDW Member companies are urged to verify and check their TDW Directory entry as this is what will appear in the app in early 2019 – any changes should be emailed to

When will the app be available?

The app is currently being tested and polished for the TDW-Live event we plan to release circa ten days before the event start and announce it via our network

BETA Testers

We were inundated with requests to test the app for us – we do not need any more testers at this time!

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