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New Opportunities

TDW has had a number of requests over the last few weeks for support. To give our network updates on these opportunities: S1000D PDF Publishing Support (Lux) Mike has been asked to make suggestions and recommendations for an S1000D to PDF publishing tool. A list of suggested TDW Member companies has been sent to the […]

Data Conversion Op

Our client has asked TDW to assist in the identification of a software tool that can aid the conversion process of unstructured Adobe FrameMaker to XML structures. The client currently has unstructured ATA CMM files that are required to be converted to XML. Any TDW member company having this capability should contact us so we […]

S1000D & AR

Mike is currently engaged in a training/consultancy task for a major aerospace supplier (locations include US, FR, UK, DE). During the consultancy, it was discussed the possible use of Augmented Reality with S1000D Procedural Steps for their servicing bays. The client has asked Mike to put together a list of possible suppliers who could demonstrate […]

Important Information – TDW Members

This is an important notification for TDW Member companies. Due to the significant hit-rate on our website (S1000DWorld) we are migrating the Members Directory to that website. This will mean a few fundamental changes to the way we are working at TDW and how we tell you what we are up to. Opportunities & Announcements […]

S1000D Training & Opportunity

TDW has been contracted to deliver two different training & consulting sessions to major aerospace OEM’S. These training sessions will be to delve deeper into how S1000D is managed and deployed from an OEM perspective. Part of the training session for one of these major OEM’s is to review their current S1000D software landscape and […]

S1000D IETP Capability

TDW has been contracted to deliver training & consultancy services to a significant global defence client. This client has specifically instructed TDW to focus on S1000D IETP solutions that are available on the market to support their sophisticated platform technical information delivery needs. All TDW members are advised to send in their latest data sheet […]

S1000D CSDB & Editor Requirement

TDW has been asked to supply a list of CSDB vendors who are able to support S1000D Issue 1.9+ – you MUST be able to support S1000D Issue 2.3 at an absolute minimum and have a supporting editing solution. The editing solution can be Adobe FrameMaker or PTC Editor based. The client at this stage […]