Important Information – TDW Members

Important Information – TDW Members

This is an important notification for TDW Member companies.

Due to the significant hit-rate on our website (S1000DWorld) we are migrating the Members Directory to that website. This will mean a few fundamental changes to the way we are working at TDW and how we tell you what we are up to.

Opportunities & Announcements

Going forward (as of the 1st August 2019) we will only make member announcements via the TDW App – and these will ONLY be accessible to TDW Members’ You must request an account on the TDW app to be able to read the opportunities.

To request your account you should contact

Please note we will only authorise accounts to the domains associated with TDW member companies (no GMAIL, Hotmail etc.) all none specific domain requests will be ignored.

New Directory

Will be migrated to – this is for two important reasons:

1 – We are producing (by request) more and more content that is S1000D specific and as such will be driving the TDW network to this website – this will increase our member’s exposure and likely hood that you will see prospects contacting you directly.

2 – YouTube – we are about to release a number of FREE S1000D specific tutorials to our YouTube channel. These tutorials are going to be ‘sponsored by’ the TDW member community’ – and each tutorial will be driving viewers to the directory on S1000DWorld, again we believe that this will drive more prospects to you.

We are constantly looking at how we can ‘be different’ and drive extra value to those companies that support the work that we do, we believe this step is a new and better way of helping our members promote your products and services.

If you have any questions, please do get in touch with us (

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