BMT is a leading international design, engineering, science and risk management consultancy; we are an Employee Benefit Trust (EBT), which guarantees our independence to deliver without any potential conflict of interest from external stakeholders.  Our Markets include Vessel Design, Ports and Terminals, Oil and Gas, Water and Environment, Buildings Infrastructure and Rail and Defence.

To support these markets BMT has a comprehensive Technical Data and Documentation capability delivered by a team that has all the required skills, experience, software applications and templates required to produce technical documentation to industry and military publication standards, including ISO 8879, DEFSTAN 02-40, DEFSTAN 00-600, ASD AIA S1000D (International Standard for Technical Publications), Joint Service Publications (JSP) 181 to 188, JSP(D) 543, AESP 0100-P-005-010 and AESP 0100-P-011-013.  Technical Authoring is further supported by our Draughtsmen and illustrators to create 2D/3D illustrations, animations, photographs and interactive illustrations as required.

We use our 6 stage through life system of ‘intelligent authoring’ covering Definition, Authoring, illustration, Compilation, Delivery and Maintenance; this prevents misinterpretation and eliminates ambiguous information for the effective and efficient generation and maintenance of technical publications. BMT ensures that the information contained in documentation is accurate, concise, consistent, unambiguous and complete.