Some STATS for you from 2018

Some STATS for you from 2018

At TDW we are constantly looking at how we can drive more traffic to our content and to our websites as well as our member companies – 2019 we will be ramping up some new content and working with many of you on lead generation and marketing activities. we also have a number of white papers in production, live sessions planned and some nice little unique surprises as we move through 2019.

Some interesting facts for you – visitors to our website:

During 2018 we had the following unique visitors to our website

WebsiteUnique VisitsNotes
Tech Data World10,890
S1000Dworld3,876We only started tracking this site from mid-2018
Tech Data Direct4,322Again was only launched mid-2018
TDW-Live Website6,328

The TDW Magazine

Is now distributed to over 2,000 readers worldwide both online and printed versions.

Our TDW Podcast

Although we are not releasing as many as we would like – each episode receives circa 400-500 unique listens – mainly from the United States! We will be ramping up our podcasts during 2019 starting with a series of interviews. We have a number lined up already. Anyone who would like to put a key member of staff forward for a podcast then please contact me so we can schedule it in.


We had 130 registrants over the three days as well as the TD-iQ online subscribers joining the event via live streaming.

We already have formal commitment from a number of speakers and vendors for 2019 – we have already set a theme and are working with a few of you on how we can deliver a story through the entire event this year – something unique and has not been done before

YouTube Channel

Growing slowly and steadily – during 2018 we reached a total of 6,000 unique views on our videos and a whopping 118 subscribers. We have seen the content that resonates with the audience and will be doubling down on this during 2019! We have deliberately slow played YouTube due to the changes in European legislation planned in 2019 which will dramatically affect YouTube specifically. We did not want to put our eggs in on basket.

The TDW App

Only launched in December 2018 – we already have over 200 downloads and plan to drive our network more to the app – this gives us a great platform to engage with our network rapidly. As you would expect we have some exciting features planned for this app to make it something people want to use!

About Michael Ingledew

I have been supporting clients worldwide for over 20 years achieve tech data success - on these pages are opportunities that I uncover and make available to the TDW network.